Xenophobia: With Irish-Catholic & Roman Catholic Immigrants

The major similarity that was brought to light was the fact that citizens of the United States created the major stereotypes that were created about the Italians-Catholic and the Irish-Catholic immigrants. They would spread rumors about the immigrant groups and they would spread and create irrational animosity towards these groups. Another cause was money. In their native European country these immigrants would be considered “well off” or wealthy, but when they immigrated to the United States they were destitute. This goes back to the concept of Xenophobia, and how it clouds people judgment and causes them to feel a certain way about a group of people with no probable cause. This irrational fear is extremely powerful and people often underestimate the power of discrimination and Xenophobia.


Roman Catholic Immigrants                                                     Irish Catholic Immigrants

This era of discrimination can be related to modern immigration, because we still have this discrimination today. The only thing that has changed is the severity. Americans constantly targets modern day immigrants, particularly Muslim immigrants. During the times of the Ku Klux Klan they would use symbols like a burning cross and more often than not, violence, but even though the Klan is still alive and a driving force against all immigration, other outside of the Klan are using more violent means. They use this violence to be heard and to display how they feel, by hurting people and often killing completely innocent people. This coincides perfectly with the Irish-Catholic and Italian-Catholic Immigrants. These people were completely innocent and were just looking for a new start, a better life, or to escape political injustices. They fell victim to Xenophobia. They fell victim to rumors, lies, and social injustice among a group of people that made their own irrational conclusions about a group of people they did not even know.




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