Where do you find culture?…In food!

This entry is about how I decided to go on an Cultural food experience and here are my thoughts about it.

My cultural food experience took place at Island Spice. It is a Caribbean restaurant that I had never heard of and I’ve lived in Houston for 7 years. Being of Creole decent I love shrimp. So I decided to order Jerk Shrimp with cabbage and rice.

Now I thought Jerk seasoned foods were suppose to be sweet and I was very wrong. First it took a long time to make it, because at this restaurant they do not prep, they make the food to order. So it took a long time to for them to make my food in general. Once my food arrived I waited for everyone else food at the table to be served as well and I noticed that every plate either had Naan or rice to accompany the meal. My meal came with rice mixed with beans and they were delicious. Being Creole, we eat a lot of red beans and rice and it is quite similar just with a difference in the seasoning and in the Caribbean rice there was a whole different set of seasoning. Now the shrimp, they were completely different from any shrimp I have ever had they, were extremely spicy. I drank all my water right after I took a bite, so that is how I knew I was completely wrong about Jerk food being sweet as soon as I ate it.

Then I realized if I eat the shrimp with the rice and the cabbage it wasn’t as spicy. The cabbage had a really sweet flavor that I loved. I have had cabbage before but I never liked it, but this cabbage was delicious. The chef came to check on us and she was a sweet lady, and she told us a little about her culture and how to eat the food. You are supposed to eat it like I thought by eating it all together. Overall I enjoyed this experience and I found it enriching and really enjoyed the food and the process of trying to find a place to go, and I also found a way to explore Houston a little bit.


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