The Great Maya Angelou

Overall this book has helped me in many ways this semester. I am extremely grateful that we had to read this book. Maya Angelou was an extremely insightful women and I believe she really used her wisdom in this book to help us all. She really helped me to see the world, and people in general from a different light. I learned to actually think about what people are saying to me, and their views on certain situation. I learned to let people in, so that they can see my full potential. Personally, the first chapter is the one that helped me the most. The first chapter is about Childhood and Parenthood, I personally have issues with my mother, and this chapter helped me see things from her point of view instead of just thinking about myself. It helped me to see how some of my actions could be hurting or disappointing my parents, my mother in particular. After reading this I went and talked to my mother and our relationship has improved significantly.

In regard to the six components of wellness, I believe that Maya Angelou talked about them all at some point in this book. In my opinion this book could very well be considered a self-help book, and that is what wellness is about. Wellness is finding a balance to achieve and maintain a fulfilling life or since of self.

I feel the most important of the six components of wellness would be Physical. I’m my opinion you need to be able to deal with you physical self, and your physical life. I believe that Maya Angelou talks about this in her chapter on Self-Esteem. Self-Esteem and physical health or physical acceptance often goes hand in hand. You must be comfortable with your own self also known as your physical self.

The next would be the social aspect, which I feel she talked about in her chapter on self-esteem also I feel in social situations you need to standout and not blend in with society. Self-esteem has a lot more to do with social situation than people think. Maya Angelou said, “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” To me this quote means if you keep trying to be like others around you, your true talents will never be seen. If everyone strived to be the same they will become a crowd of clones with the same mediocre talents. When someone strives to be him or herself, and to be all they can be, they become invincible. Also I believe the Ms. Angelou is telling us that our lives began at the end of our comfort zone. When we leave our comfort zone anything is possible. Our comfort zone is truly a barrier that we must get passed to truly reach our full potential as human beings.


The next would be spiritually. I believe that everyone needs to be spiritually sound in life, no matter what you believe in. She actually has a chapter dedicated to spirituality and I believe is really telling us that with prayer or meditation of some sort we must listen to ourselves in the silence because the silence can speak volumes to what we really need in life.

Now the environment is a big part of anyone’s since of wellness. Maya Angelou explains this the best in her chapter on Community and Culture. “Blithering Ignorance can be found wherever you choose to live” Maya Angelou said this and I believe it relates very well to a person environment. In relation to the environment I feel that people in an environment can be ignorant toward issues in the environment. So to achieve wellness people must care about the environment and take care of it, because if they take care of it will take care of them in return.

Now on the intellectual point I believe that this whole book encompasses that. This book was not written to hinder our intellectual growth. For me personally it really stimulated my intelligence. I believe this was Maya Angelou’s goal in writing this book. I strongly believe she achieved her goal.


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