Personal Health

I already knew a lot about the health side of things, but it is the Wellness side of things that had a lot of new information for me. The big things for me that stood out during this course were the lessons on Stress and Body Composition.

I knew stress was unhealthy, I just didn’t know how unhealthy it could be for you. I would just power through whatever situation was stressing me out, no matter how much it was stressing me out along the way. I realized how unhealthy this is and not I use the relaxation techniques that I learned to relax periodically through out stressful situations. My favorite stress management tool is Music. For me Music is my saving grace, it gets me through some hard and stressful days. Another stress management tool I use is exercise. I really enjoy fitness so when you get done with a great workout with a ton of sweat there is no better feeling. I also learned that there are different categories of stress, which I did not know about at all, I just thought Stress was Stress. After becoming aware of how complex stress is and what I need to do to keep it in check, my stressful situations have gotten a lot less stressful.

The second topic that had really taught me something was Body Composition. My personal body composition has been a struggle for me. I always thought I was Obese, based I what I knew and what people have told me, but after reviewing the information in our lesson on body composition I found out I am not Obese at all. I am Overweight, but not obese neither one are anything to be proud about, but it is uplifting to find out that I am closer to having a Normal body composition that I thought. I am still working towards a Normal BMI, but it is good to know that I am on the right track.

This information I can share with my family, because I see some of them living a toxic lifestyle and if I can educate them at least a little about how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle it could benefit them for the better.

Further reading on Overall Health and Wellness and why it is important to reflect on your own as I have.


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