Individual vs. Collectivist


Enculturation is the process where the culture that is currently established teaches an individual the accepted norms and values of the culture or society in which the individual lives. The individual can become an accepted member and fulfill the needed functions and roles of the group. Most importantly the individual knows and establishes a context of boundaries and accepted behavior that dictates what is acceptable and not acceptable within the framework of that society. It teaches the individual their role within society as well as what is the accepted lifestyles and behaviors within that society. Enculturation helps mold a person into an acceptable member of society. Culture influences everything that a person does, whether they are aware of it or not. Enculturation is a lifelong process that helps unify people. Even as a culture changes, core beliefs, values, and worldviews stay the same.

I feel enculturation influences the way we see things in our society, but I also feel along with learning what enculturation teaches us we still choose our own way of living and how we do things. In living overseas and seeing so many different cultures mix together to form a society, I believe that you can take many things from culture. You can take things from other peoples cultures and make your own. I feel you don’t have to be set in one culture and you do not have to stick with the culture that your ancestors followed. I feel I am influenced greatly by how I was raised and the culture that my parents taught me, but in growing up where and when I did, I adapted things that I believed to be more in tune with my personal views as an individual with my own mind to make up.

My results from this Individualism-Collectivism Scale showed that I am a 30 on the Individualism Scale and a 30 on the Collectivism Scale. The range for both scales is 8 – 40. So based on my results I have a moderately high individualism so I value my “independence and my personal uniqueness”. My results also say that I value my personal freedom, which is very accurate. I truly do value the fact that I can do things when I want and how I want, and that is extremely important to me specially because my family can make me feel extremely nondependent on yourself at times. My collectivism scale really explains my relationships. It is rather accurate when examining my relationships and is shows how I keep my relationships harmonious and that is really true. I like to keep my relationships with my friends, family, coworkers, and others harmonious. To me that seems like the easiest think to do, because It keeps your relationships at a better level, because conflict can cause severe issues within a relationship. Some conflict is good for a relationship because it can reveal things something’s about the other person that you may need to know so you guys can either further the relationship of go your separate ways.

Overall I think that this scale is rather accurate is showing Individualism and Collectivism. At least in my case it was rather accurate and seemed very true. As for enculturation, I feel like enculturation can help people discover their own personal culture that fits you as a person.

Here you can take a quiz that will measure if you are an individualist or collectivist


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