Eating Habits…YUM or Not?

This is an analysis of my eating habits, which are the OH SO HEALTHY eating habits of a College students. My eating habits changed long before I took them into my own hands as an Adult. When I was in middle school I moved to the Doha, Qatar and that is when my eating habits with through the first big change.

I was used to the typical American diet with a lot of starch and proteins varying between beef, pork, and chicken. In the school lunches, no that I think about it, were extremely unhealthy. They had healthy options, but as a kid you really don’t know what those healthy options are, you just get what you know you like. We had options like nachos, slushes, packaged donuts, pizza, chicken nuggets, ice cream, etc.

When I moved overseas my school lunches consisted mainly of much healthier options. We had a Subway on our schools campus; they had chicken breast Panini’s, chicken shwarma’s, a salad bar, and this was drastically different from my lunch option here in the states. This was the first change that I really noticed. The next change was my mothers cooking at home. She noticed that we couldn’t get most of the normal proteins we would eat like for example we obviously could not get pork due to the countries religious laws. Beef we could find, but it had a different tastes and texture, which was actually better for use because they were grass fed cows, which was different from the States as well. With these obvious differences in groceries options, Thanksgiving was interesting. We did the most we could, we obviously did not have a pork roast, but we were able to find a beef roast and we were able to find collard greens, and all the ingredients to make pecan, pumpkin, and sweet potato, pies , but everything was made from scratch, all the way down to the crust.

The main thing we noticed is that we had to make a lot of things from scratch so we were able to really see what was in our food and what exactly was in our meals. Nothing was out of a box, except for cereal. Everything had to be made from scratch and this fact also helped us create healthier variations of our classic foods, like collard greens, or gumbo.

Now as an adult most of my protein comes from Chicken, and I eat a lot of rice. When it comes to grains I always eat brown rice, and I change it up with eating quinoa sometimes, but other than that my diet really consist of Chicken and rice, when I’m cooking. If I am not cooking, it usually consist of something fast like Subway or some other fast food options near campus.

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