5 Characteristics of a Good Teacher

  1. Adaptability
    • Being able to make changes to lesson plans or activities on the go, along with keeping up with the ever-changing technology surrounding education.
  2. Fearlessness
    • Children at any age can be extremely intimidating, and a teacher can psych himself or herself out because of fear. A teacher must take control of her classroom and make it her own. They must enter their classroom with confidence.
  3. Passion
    • Teachers must have enthusiasm and exuberance. Teachers must show their students that what they are learning is important, and they do this by letting their passion shine through their teaching.
  4. Resourcefulness
    • Teachers often must find a way to make things happen. A good teacher will find a way to get what she needs for her students no matter what she will find a way.
  5. Patience
    • A Teacher must have patients with her students. Some Students may not understand something’s right away, and they may need some extra help along the way, and you must have the patients to help all your students.

What others think makes a good teacher.


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