The Rainbow of Education

So I was inspired by an assignment that I recently had. I had to use Google Drawing which is a handy little tool of many that Google has to offer, but for the assignment I had to create a chart or image, so I created m own version of Bloom’s Taxonomy chart. Bloom Taxonomy has come up a lot for me in the recent months. I recently traveled to a conference and sat in a Lesson Plan seminar, and Blooms Taxonomy popped up. I found it extremely interesting how they were able to to breakdown the levels of learning. Each level explains a different way a student can recall information. Depending on the degree of how much and what the student can do with the recalled information, shows the teacher what level of understanding the student has about a certain topic. With some models of Bloom’s Taxonomy they give you questions to ask within each level, so you can really test a students understanding. This is the model that I created of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom's Taxonomy    I find Bloom’s Taxonomy extremely interesting and helpful when it comes to planning effective lesson plans and also within my job at my campus recreational center. This chart helps us to plan effective staff trainings within our department. This chart helps in many different ways and I would recommend anyone to become familiar with Bloom’s Taxonomy.


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