Violence + Media = Kids?

Violent Media is Good for Kids is an article I have read many times while here at Prairie View A&M University. An studying for a career in Early Childhood Education it is an article that I think all teacher candidates should read. We live and a Social Media driven world. Along with that we live in a violent world with explosions, action movies, hero and villains and Social Media with twitter, facebook, snapchat, intagram, tumblr and these media outlets just make that violence more accessible. Gerard Jones wrote Violent Media is Good for Kids . He is a comic book writer, and he has personally dealt with violent media in the form of Comic books, which he eventually made a career out of, by writing them. Jones argues that people pull themselves out of emotional traps by completely immersing themselves in violent stories. Joneses parents worked in the school system as English teachers, and one day one of his mother’s students convinced her to allow him to read a Marvel comic. Jones felt a connection to one of the characters in the comic, which was the Hulk.

Comics Marvel Comics Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk. (n.d.). Retrieved March 10, 2016, from

He felt a connection to the Hulk, how he was “under-socialized and half witted” in while constantly raging against a frightening world and was extremely misunderstood by everyone. Jones has found a fantasy that he could pour his rage into and bury his insecurities, as he felt powerful with his new fantasy character. As Jones watched his creations and stories come to life he also found himself dealing with the same situation that his parents went through while he was a child. As he dealt with the situation of allowing his children to read his comic books that were violent and dealing with heroes and villains he came to the conclusion that people need violent media to deal with rage. He watched his son’s channel his inner Power Ranger to muscle through different competitions and issues. Jones unknowingly proved his argument with his son. I personally do agree with Mr. Jones. If we introduce Violent media in a mild manner like comic books, or simple stories, we as teachers and parents can teacher our children to how to react to it and how to properly view and learn from violent media.


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