To Kill an Education

In the previous  semester I had to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” for the IRead program that my college participates in on my campus of Prairie View A&M University. While I was reading this amazing classic novel by the late Harper Lee, I noticed the major educational rifts within this novel. The moment that really stuck with me was when Scout got punished by her teacher, for learning at home from her father, Atticus Finch, and their family maid, Calpurnia. I have personally dealt with a teacher punishing me for reading ahead and asking question about a chapter we had not gotten to yet. 3705bc85fda7bf4d3d6957cbee610654

This shows how some teachers will assume things about students like learning styles, social behaviors, and a students intellectual ability. What Scout’s teachers should do is have a meeting with Atticus to see exactly what he has been teaching her. If she fines out that what he is teaching her really is wrong, she can give Atticus material to reinforce what she is learning in school or so she can learn the correct way to read and write at home and at school. Parents can be one of the more complicated parts of being a teacher. Some teachers do not involve parents in enough and some teachers involve parents in too much. There are something’s that a student’s parent must be a part of. When a child’s learning is involved, is one of those times. Parents must be involved when discussing a child’s intellectual status.


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