U.S. Against the World

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.03.42 PM
Image created by Danielle L. Callens 

I grew up in Doha, Qatar. I went to the American School of Doha which is a private, college preparatory high school. I feel I was more prepared to attend college than a lot of the students I met my freshman year of college. International schools are found all around the world. In most cases, international schools use English as the language of instruction. Originally, they have been created to allow the children of expatriates to receive and education in an “American” environment. The number of students all over the world attending international schools has increased. Since English is the language of education at these schools, some schools offer ESL classes for those whose English is not their first language. In Qatar, most of the Arab Students were in this class to learn English. Other schools did not provide additional classes in English. I feel that even though international students are technically getting an “American” education, it is set a a much higher caliber than an actual American education in the United States. I noticed this when I can back to the United States to attend Prairie View A&M University. College level assignments came easy to me, while other freshman students would be struggling. I could easily juggle having many assignments and things to do, while other would become extremely overwhelmed. I feel that if the high school teachers in the United States were more like international school teachers the American school system would not have many of the problems that it does. The American School system is battling Math illiteracy and Reading illiteracy. They have known of these problem in International schools. International Teachers really take the time to teach their students, and if the students does not understand they take another approach instead of giving up on their students. I have heard too many stories of teachers not caring about their student and just giving up because they do not understand, I want to bring this back to the American education system. I want teachers to care again. I want teachers to help their students overcome any learning problems they have.


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